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2030-08-25 03:24 am

Introduction/Policy/Content List

Hello everyone! I'm Nabila ( [Nah-Bee-Lah], if you can't say it, you can just call me Bee), and I'm an amateur creator for TS2, this is one of the places where I dump my creations, the other being my Livejournal.

You're welcome to add me if you wish, I don't bite! I'd appreciate it if you could drop a note mentioning where I might know you from, just so I know who I'm adding back.

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2011-06-06 12:57 pm
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we are golden - male hair, chapped lips and patterned glasses

All under the cut(s). These have been ready for ages, but packaging/taking preview pictures/binning/renaming/not-creating takes forever, honestly!

+ )

+ )

+ )

And that's it! As usual, all comments are much appreciated and please do let me know if you find something wrong!
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2011-04-20 04:24 pm

Icarus & Isis - eyeliner and eyeshadow edits

Here's the upload I promised! A small offering, but I hope you like it nonetheless :3

I loved these eye shadows, but had little use for them as well, eye shadows. I also liked the idea of Fofo's bottom-only liner/shadow sets, and ta-da! You get the shadows as layer-able blushes, so you can mix and match with other shadows. Available for both genders, teens and up.

Next I've got a set of eyeliners I previewed a long long time ago, and I finally got round to uploading them. They're edits of the cat & winged eyeliners from this set by Mirade, with the bottom lashes removed and the top alpha cleaned up - the result? A simple, drawn on line - great for maxis match players too! Each is available in 3 colours which I think work pretty well on all sims - black, brown and plum. Naturally, how they turn out depends on your sims' eye shape. Available for females, teens and up.

And that's it for now! I shall be back with more (and with a better preview picture) later. :D
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2011-03-09 05:09 pm

happy birthday!

Happy birthday [personal profile] misstiikeri ! I hope you have an awesome day! ^^
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2011-02-18 10:50 am

life is now - 4 peggy retextures

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are all well. Over the past few days, I've had a tonne of new people add me as friends - I'm so sorry I don't recognize a lot of you, but hi! It's lovely to meet you, I hope you're not offended if I don't add you back just yet. I figured I should upload something for you guys. I couldn't load bodyshop/my game for a while, but I deleted my cache files and now it's all good, and I decided to make some hair retextures - it's the usual, version one of Pooklet's textures (unless otherwise specified) and available in all of her natural colour actions. The greys are linked to Dynamite and Shrapnel as usual, so elders do not get to keep their colours. I apologize, but things are so much neater this way.

I can't believe this mesh is free (well, I can, it's mapped so horribly) - it is pure love, you've got to admit. Sure it's poofy, but it's nice poofy! My hair used to somewhat resemble this, although I could never get such a nice fringe.

Previewed is Volatile.
Mesh is included - All ages - Binned and familied in four families.


Peggy #4656 is an older mesh, one I've always liked but have had trouble finding it in Pooklet's new colours. I wear my hair in a similar way (although nowhere near as perfect, obviously), so this might be why I'm so fond of it. :p

Previewed is Depth Charge
Mesh is included - All ages - Binned and familied in four families.


Next up is Peggy's latest asymmetrical bob, #7360. I just love this mesh, it's another one of those 'I need this Pooklet'd NOW' hairs. I'm so happy that Peggy is back to creating nice meshes, her last few have been meh.

Previewed is Land Mine
Mesh is included - All ages - Binned and familied in four families.


And finally, another old mesh! Peggy #5651. My mother used to have these tapes called 'Old is Gold', which had her favourite songs from eons ago - I kind of have to agree with the title though, I still prefer Peggy's older meshes to her new ones. Bow texture (there's a bow at the back) is Peggy's.

Previewed is Fission
Mesh is included - All ages - Binned and familied in four families.


And that's it for this post! The unnaturals will probably be up on GoS later this week. I've got some make-up and wallpapers I want to get up here too, as well as finishing some custom content for my marketplace which I shall hopefully be able to share, if it all goes to plan. Also, I'll be organizing my dreamwidth so I actually start using it, but I'll obviously still be keeping this journal open. As always, any and all feedback is always welcome, and please do let me know if I've done anything wrong!
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2011-02-06 01:24 am

Arabesque - deco with an oriental flair

Thought I'd try out something new and a little closer to home. :3 It's a really small update, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

The first thing is a few recolours of Adele's Urns from her Persian Living set. These are probably my absolute favourite decorative objects and are just the sort of thing you'd find in a market place. I wanted copper-y tones mainly, but there's a bonus silver-y one because I like it. Original texture and mesh credits to the wonderful Adele, meshes are included.

The second part is a set of 3 Arabesque paintings on the A-Stroke mesh (requires Nightlife), original artwork by John Douglas. I'm shamelessly in love with these, and I don't know about you guys, but I know I'll be abusing them! If you're wondering, the names I've given them mean Peace, Safety and Happiness, respectively.


And that's it! I hope you enjoy these. I'm planning to make sure most of the downloads I have available from now on have some sort of oriental flair, because it's hard to find these kind of downloads anywhere really - not a lot of people are interested in Arabian-style art and clutter in the sims community. As usual, any feedback is much appreciated, especially since I don't have that much experience with objects.
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2010-12-11 09:52 pm

it's called vanity - lips and nosemasks edits

I'll be changing my LJ layout soon, I'm quite bored of this one - so sorry if the layout is messed up in the future! I'll also be re-organizing/merging posts and taking better preview pictures, I'm thinking of removing my lighting mod, it's getting difficult to get used to. Also, if any of my old downloads are unavailable, it's because I need to move them to my dropbox (thank you for showing it to me, Eva!). Anyway, small update:

First up, some edits of of some lips by guagua at Sims 2 Heaven, alpha by Pooklet. 8 naturals colours, the two darkest ones were made for darker skintones. I edited the texture a bit to make them softer, and so that the shape would fit better with Pooklet's alpha. And they look pretty good on the boys, too!

Previewed is Carmelita, Bradamante and Creme.

Secondly, I picked my 3 favourites from  's mouseyblue nosemasks, and recoloured them so I could use them on different skintone shades. All my sims wear nosemasks, and this is something I've been wanting to do for a while. I don't know how useful you guys will find these, but I thought I'd share them anyway. Each one is available in 3 shades: light, medium and dark.

Previewed is Lily (first row) in Dark, Orchid (second row) in Light, and Rosebud (third row) in Medium.

As usual, please let me know if I've messed anything up, and any feedback is always appreciated.
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2010-11-28 05:39 pm

little miss sunshine - Charterzard CF dress edits

Hi everyone! Small update from me. I love all of [info]charterzard 's clothing for CF, especially these. Basically, all I did was take the textures and top alpha from 'Recess', stick them onto the 'Tea Party' mesh and recolour them in a few Aelia colours, because for some reason, all my kidlings look much too serious to wear charterzard's lovely brights.

(as you can see, I didn't have any appropriate murals - better picture after I write 3 essays Dx)
Only 5 colours, because even though I made more, these are the ones I liked best. Aelia's edit of a sims2sisters mesh is included in the .rar. Available as Everyday. Credits to  [info]charterzard for... pretty much everything, and Aelia for the colours.

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2010-11-15 03:38 pm

bittersweet symphony - jinakiki lip edits

Hello everyone! Have you guys signed up for the GoS secret santa? I'm so excited! I wonder who my giftee will be. Oh oh oh! A big thank you to everyone who has been using my custom content, you have no idea how happy it makes me to see my stuff put to good use.

Anyway, I made some edits of Jinakiki's chapped lips (I hope this is what you were looking for, [info]clarejosephine !) - they're not as chapped/detailed as my other set, but they've their own lovely natural feel to them - and look great on men, too! I softened them a little because the texture was super sharp and looked a little odd, and slapped them onto an alpha by Pooklet

Previewed is Dance Dance, Lady Frost and Galaxy.

10 colours, I didn't make a very dark one because more often than not it looks super weird, even on the darkest skintone I use. Credits to Jinakiki for the texture (a big thank you to [info]morlaism for finding out who the original set was by!) and Pooklet for the brilliant alpha. Title reference.

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2010-10-17 06:59 pm

hello tomorrow - cazy #20 retexture

I've always liked this hair by Cazy, but all of the retextures I've come across didn't really suit my own needs regarding highlights/shadows, so I took a crack at it. I used V2 of Pooklet's textures, as well as all her natural colour actions as usual.

Mesh is not included, because it's against Cazy's policy because I thought it was against Cazy's policy, but you can just snag it for free here at her blog. Binned and familied., ages Young Adult and Adult only. Also, it's pretty high poly, download at your own risk!
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2010-10-04 06:11 pm

Black Mamba - Newsea 'Sakura Drops' retextured

I adore this mesh, it was just one of those ones that you need [personal profile] pooklet 'd as soon as possible. I really should be doing my English essay (and if anyone knows anything about Knight, Death and the Devil by Randall Jarrell, I be forever grateful if you could fill me in on everything you know), but I really am not someone who is err, efficient? That and I have two free periods in the morning and can just do it then. xD
Anyway, on to the actual download:

All of Pooklet's naturals, Mesh is included in the .rar, all colours are binned and familied in 4 families, sll ages with two grays for Elders, linked to Dynamite and Shrapnel for neatness' sake. I used V1 of Pooklet's textures, because I think it looked best out of the 3 on this mesh.

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2010-10-01 05:39 pm

Double Vision - 8 AF Tops

Hello! A small upload, but I quite like it and thought someone else may be interested in it. I was looking at Bruno's thermal PJs and really liked the top texture, and figured with a little editing it could be turned into an everyday top.

Only 8 colours (credits go to [personal profile] aelia for her lovely actions). I have some more but I'm not too happy with them at the moment, so I'll be uploading them at a later date. Mesh is by aikea guinea and is included in the .rar, and credits go to bruno for the texture!