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All under the cut(s). These have been ready for ages, but packaging/taking preview pictures/binning/renaming/not-creating takes forever, honestly!

Previewed are Sugared Honey, Autumn Rush and Bourbon

First, another set of chapped lips. I was a bit hesitant about posting these as I feel they're quite similar to my last set, but there are some (hopefully) noticeable differences - these are really suitable for all styles, from any degree of maxis match to realism, as how detailed they look heavily depends on the skin they are used on. They're a blend of allure_gal, jinakiki, and a bit of hand-drawing on an alpha by Pooklet.

Oh! And since people expressed some interest in the idea, I'll look into making a supernatural and generally not-so-natural set of these.


(I'm not so sure why the glasses look so crisp out of CAS, I think it's probably just a problem with my graphics card.)

I'm not quite sure how these happened. I just suddenly felt the urge to make patterned sunglasses, so here they are! The pattern is from ColourLovers and the meshes for all ages are by Tamo, and are included.


Preview all colours (bodyshop)Multiple angles (bodyshop)

This hair was one of the first I'd ever downloaded. I was still using the original maxis skin, eyes and face 1 template but I pretty much used this hair on every. single. male sim (which were all of the face 1 variety, by the by). Mesh by MyoS at SAU is included, binned and familied, all ages. The two greys (pipe bomb and mail bomb) are linked to Dynamite and Shrapnel, respectively. Credits to Pooklet for their lovely colour actions, and MyoS for the textures. Unnaturals shall be up at GoS soon! :D


And that's it! As usual, all comments are much appreciated and please do let me know if you find something wrong!


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