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Hello everyone! I hope you guys are all well. Over the past few days, I've had a tonne of new people add me as friends - I'm so sorry I don't recognize a lot of you, but hi! It's lovely to meet you, I hope you're not offended if I don't add you back just yet. I figured I should upload something for you guys. I couldn't load bodyshop/my game for a while, but I deleted my cache files and now it's all good, and I decided to make some hair retextures - it's the usual, version one of Pooklet's textures (unless otherwise specified) and available in all of her natural colour actions. The greys are linked to Dynamite and Shrapnel as usual, so elders do not get to keep their colours. I apologize, but things are so much neater this way.

I can't believe this mesh is free (well, I can, it's mapped so horribly) - it is pure love, you've got to admit. Sure it's poofy, but it's nice poofy! My hair used to somewhat resemble this, although I could never get such a nice fringe.

Previewed is Volatile.
Mesh is included - All ages - Binned and familied in four families.


Peggy #4656 is an older mesh, one I've always liked but have had trouble finding it in Pooklet's new colours. I wear my hair in a similar way (although nowhere near as perfect, obviously), so this might be why I'm so fond of it. :p

Previewed is Depth Charge
Mesh is included - All ages - Binned and familied in four families.


Next up is Peggy's latest asymmetrical bob, #7360. I just love this mesh, it's another one of those 'I need this Pooklet'd NOW' hairs. I'm so happy that Peggy is back to creating nice meshes, her last few have been meh.

Previewed is Land Mine
Mesh is included - All ages - Binned and familied in four families.


And finally, another old mesh! Peggy #5651. My mother used to have these tapes called 'Old is Gold', which had her favourite songs from eons ago - I kind of have to agree with the title though, I still prefer Peggy's older meshes to her new ones. Bow texture (there's a bow at the back) is Peggy's.

Previewed is Fission
Mesh is included - All ages - Binned and familied in four families.


And that's it for this post! The unnaturals will probably be up on GoS later this week. I've got some make-up and wallpapers I want to get up here too, as well as finishing some custom content for my marketplace which I shall hopefully be able to share, if it all goes to plan. Also, I'll be organizing my dreamwidth so I actually start using it, but I'll obviously still be keeping this journal open. As always, any and all feedback is always welcome, and please do let me know if I've done anything wrong!
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